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Hello, Order Department? Need More Channels!

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Today I took down my display - I waited until friends from out of state visited yesterday so they could see it.

As I was taking it down my neighbor came over and said, again, how much they had enjoyed it even though they were here just for a couple of weeks in December.

Then he asked if I'd be willing to do a complete LOR setup for his house so both houses could be synchronized. Never thought I'd have a need for wireless, but looks like I might.

And then neighbor on the other side she was thinking she might like to do the same thing.

Hope those LOR elves are taking their vitamins in preparation for the orders about to hit them in April!

Now ... is that a Great Neighbor story, or what!?

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Rick , that is great that your neighbours enjoy the lights. Mine are pretty excited about my project this Christmas and have even offered to help with the lights, setting them up on the roof...I'm not one for heights.

Celebration, Florida....I've had the pleasure to visit your fair city. Actually, it was a visit to your hospital...while on vacation, my son took sick and they took care of us with open arms. Wonderful people you have there.

We have at timeshate at Westgate, just down the road from you in Kissimmee. That's why we briefly visited your city (hospital). All was well, and we were on a our way. Won't be there, this year though, in May,we'll be in Daytona. We may stay the first night in Orlando, then head out to Daytona the next day.

Anyway, sorry, I didn't mean to hijack your thread, but when there are good people around in a city like yours, I don't mind complimenting them.

Ken Gelinas

KLG 28

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