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Confused on how to program CCP


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Hey Guys,


I'm having a really hard time understanding how exactly to go about programming/including CCP's into my sequence. I only have 1 set (2 strings 50 pixels), I got both strings to work fine in hardware utility and set the unit ID to 3 (I have 2 other AC boards in my sequence) (for those that have problems only getting 1 string to light up in hardware utility, in console, 1-160 controls the first string, 161+ controls the second string, took me forever to figure this out). Now I'm completely stuck on how to get it to work, I have a two part question:


1. I have v 3.11.2 Advanced with SuperStar, when I watched the video tutorial on 'how to instant sequence' from LOR, I noticed in Tool > Layout > Light type, there was a option for CCB, but my options are only CCR and Firefli. I'm not exactly sure at all how to program my CCP's through SuperStar.


2. While my CCP was plugged through the USB dongle and connected to the computer, I tried using Sequence Editor to run the lights, but failed at doing so as well. I read in another thread that to add device I had to do right click channel > insert device > insert device below > chose Unit ID 03 > CCB with 2 strings. Then I went ahead and did some color fades, etc. However when my sequence was running, none of my CCP lights would light up at all.


Any help would be much appreciated. In other threads people were saying the tutorials helped them a lot, but unless I missed something, everything in the Superstar section seems to be geared towards CCR's configurations, is there a way I can change the settings/configurations in SuperStar to be for CCP/CCB?





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I had this same problem with my CCP and what I had to do is change the 2 strings from one ccp with 100 pixels to 2-50 pixel srtings with different unit IDs. when you add the device select CC device and click the CCB 2 strings then move down to "unit ID for CCB string and select 2 string has own unit ID(native mode unit ID + 1)

now in the visualizer if you add a CCR/CCP to your display you will only be able to have 50 total pixels so if you have you CCPs set up as one string of 100 you will only have pixels 1 thru 50 working in the visualizer. With 2-50 pixel strings with there own virtual ID numbers allows you now to set up 2 strings in the visualizer. this is what I had to do. I could never create a CCR/CCP prop with 100 pixels. another thing to remember is if you are using your CCP for straight string effects such as running alone the roof line, when you add it to your sequence make sure orientate the first string to start at the far end by clicking the string orientation button to flipped channel 1 at far end. this will allow all chases to move from the far end of the first string to the controller then the second string moves from the controller end to the far end making a straight end to end chase. hope this helps. good luck and have fun with it. 


Ron I thought your vids were pictures. I just watched them. thanks those are great help.

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Sorry guys, I still havent had the chance to test this, but I should the next day or two.


James - Thanks, I think that may have been my problem actually, I just opened up my sequence editior real quick and noticed under 'play' I never had the control lights checked on. And the reason I said this was likely my problem was because I checked Ron's videos and how he had input the ccp sequence was how I had added mine in, but I will follow his steps once again to make sure I have it set up correctly.


Box on Rails - Thanks for the tip, I didn't actually try to input it into visualizer yet, but when I get a chance these next few days I will try it and keep your tip in mind.


Thanks for all your inputs, I really appreciate the help.


I had another question that I hope you guys can help me out with - What exactly is the difference between the RGB board and the DC board that LOR sells?


Lets say if I had a set of color ribbons lying around (not the cosmic color ribbons that LOR sells, but similar type of light fixture different brand) which board would I use if I wanted to use LOR sequence editor/Superstar to gain the same effects?





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Sorry for the extremely late update guys, finally had the chance to test it real quick.


James - you were absolutely correct, after I checked 'control lights' my ccp did finally light up when the sequence was playing.


Box - I also took your advice and tried it in visualizer, I think I got the basics of it (worked in simulation), but I'm sure I will have more questions when I dive a bit further into it.


Ron - Thanks again for the vids, they were extremely helpful.


Ron, I had a quick question for you, for your Visualization Pair Import to  Superstar video, were you programming morphs for ccp's? If so, how did you get the layout in SuperStar to look like that to program colors for ccp's?


When I watched the video tutorial on ' how to instant sequence' from LOR, Tool > Layout > Light type, there was option for CCB, but I only see options for CCR and Firefli only.

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I'm assuming your meaning is how I set up the grid in a logical order, correct? If that's the case, here's what you do.


Add your prop to the visualizer file. In the Prop dialogue box, (double click the prop). There will be the prop name at the top and under the name, there is a comments section. In the comments section you'll add a comment string. We'll take for example, my starburst. In the comments section type in


superstar row=1 column=1


Notice the spacing, this is very important or it won't work. A single space between "superstar" and "row" and another single space between the first "1" and "column". The second arm would look like this.


superstar row=1 column=2


I might note here, that this wording is for a vertical import. There are other words for horizontal, but I can't remember how Brian had them typed out. I think all the columns will be 1 and the rows will be 1, 2, 3, etc. but don't quote me on that.


Now, since Superstar was written for a matrix, whether a horizontal matrix or a pixel tree (vertical matrix), sometimes it will reverse a column for different shaped props, such as the starburst. In the same prop, I had 3 or 4 out of the 10 arms that swapped ends, meaning, pixel # 1 was at the outer edge instead of the inner edge like the prop is built. In this case I had to add another word in the comments section. It looks like this


superstar reverse row=1 column=1


Somewhere this is posted by Brian. It's in the Superstar section I think.


Anyway, I hope this helps. If not, let me know and we'll try to hash it out.

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glad to hear you have it going. nothing like seeing the lights work like they are supposed to.

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