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LOR1602Wg3 3-phase


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The more I read on these forums, the more confused I get.


Does the LOR1602W need 3-phase plug, or does a normal wall socket work?

I have to independent 16A 240V (EU socket) and would like the LOR1602W because of the "idle"-mode, and the more solid casing.

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When you order from LOR, be sure to mention the fact that you need 240V connectors and plugs.


Question: What "idle" mode are you talking about?

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The "idle" mode is this: (copy&paste from usermanual)


Stand Alone Speed Control
A standalone sequence is a sequence that has been downloaded into the flash memory of the lighting controller. 


So when I dont have a show, I can have a simple sequence that makes my light blink and fade so the display is not static the rest of December. (instead of "all on")

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Any sequence downloaded to a controller will run anytime it has power. There is no way to tell  this type of sequence to stop/start at certain times. Thus it would be running at the same time as your shows. 


There are many ways to achieve what you are trying to do with the software, though. 

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Even in 240V countries, 3 phase power is not common in residential applications.  Unless you are using our products in a commercial building, you don't need to worry about 3 phase.

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