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Importing Channel Configuration with RGB channels


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The short version of this question is:

  • Goal is to create a Channel Config that includes my existing Channel config named "Halloween 2014" (13 RGBs followed by 36 regular channels followed by 5 more RGB's) and my new 200 Smart RGB  Matrix Channel Config  named "Matrix".
  • "Matrix" Channel Config was created by exporting the Superstar sequence for the matrix to LOR Sequence editor. Channels were then converted to RGB. Channels then had to be renamed to reflect what they actually controlled. Channel config exported.
  • I create a dummy animation sequence in LOR.
  • I import my existing  LOR Channel Config "Halloween 2014"
  • I insert 200 RGB Channels Above
  • I Import the Channel Config "Matrix"
  • The 200 channels for the matrix are fine, however the channels from "Halloween 2014" are a bit messed up following the import of "Matrix". "Halloween 2014" RGB channels have been split in 3 each and all need to be converted to RGB. The "Halloween 2014" RGB channels also have been renamed (all the same name) and must all be re renamed to their original.

Any suggestions on how to simplify this?


Also, since I can't seem to copy and paste anything in this forum window (what am I missing here), I am attaching the more detailed description in a Word document.


Thanks folks!

LOR Channel Config Question.doc

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The import in SE starts from the top channel of the first track.  There is no way known to me to use some labels from one starting config and some labels from a new one. 

If you want to tack on a new matrix to the end, it can be done in Vegomatic.   This does not allow you to name individual RGBs but you can name your matrix and it will be retained.


A few years ago in the Beta tester days, it was requested of LOR to add a mass name change function.  This was dismissed outright and even noted in the documentation that is does not do it. 

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I was updating my configurations just today for all of my songs/sequences. For unknown reasons, you have to be very, very careful and even then the import doesn't always work as planned. Some channels get shifted. It didn't respond the same way each time.

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Then in that case all were not the same channel layout from the start. I have redone mine three times already this year and will need to do it one more time. Once you have them all the sequences with the same channel config I hear Bobo has a small software that will allow you to do all of them at one time. I have not tried it yet.



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