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cat 5 water proff?


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not really.. but.. some that are made decent will hold up for the short time of our displays... just don't run them thru standing water spots.  I have been using off the shelf green Cat5 cables for several years now but take them down around Jan1 so they are only up about 2 months and never in any high UV times.  I haven't dealt with snow here but I assume they would hold up when frozen under the snow.

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If you try bending the cable in freezing weather, the outer jacket may break!  Run your cat cable when the weather is decent and try not to move it if it's freezing cold out where you are.  It also helps if you post what State you're in, in your profile.

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I've had a variety of CAT5 cables running though the yard. A few seem to go bad every few years, but it could be for a variety of reasons. I've not had one go out in the middle of the display season, though.

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its not the cat 5 i worry about its the couplers that are not waterproof at all so i cut all the ends off and used the holiday coro waterproof connectors works great

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The cable itself is jacketed so unless its compromised, it should be water-tight.


Waterproof RJ45 connectors are available but they're kinda expensive, (12 bucks each) and you have to wire/ assemble them.


I use A LOT of cat 5 for RGB LED stuff. I always run full cables (no junctions or splices) so the ends are always off the ground.


I make my weather exposed 12v DC control boxes and RGB Floods so the female cable connector is on the bottom.


I spray all contacts with a non-corrosive electronics spray when I put it all together (and before storage).


I have never had a failure or corrosion. (knock on wood)






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