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How to figure out what superstar software to buy?


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I have basic getting started 48 channels and have the superstar demo and I want to have this software. But when I go to buy it there are different ones to choose from. How do I figure out what software will work for me..

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If you have no CCR's and only 48 channels, then the 2_CCR license will work for you. At that license level you can export 300 channels, or 2 CCR's worth of channels, to your sequence editor.

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To add to Don's reply, the Superstar Software license levels are set up as how many channels it will export. As he said, the 2 CCR will export 300 total channels or 100 RGB channels. As you know, the CCRs have 50 pixels each on them for a total of 150 channels. That being said, a 2 CCR license is 300 channels, a 4 CCR license is 600 channels, 8 CCR license is 1200 channels, etc. 


Another point to make is, you can make a 2 CCR level work for a 40 CCR level, you just have to sequence 300 channels at a time. Believe me, it's not worth the hassle. I have a 40 CCR license and I still have 5 visualizer files I have to sequence for each song.


Superstar is worth every penny I put into it. I'm sequencing over 10K channels this year and would be ready for this years' show in November 2016 if I were doing it the traditional way. I couldn't, or should say, wouldn't do it if not for Superstar.


You won't be disappointed, whichever level you choose.

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