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Running Cat 5 cable from computer to controller

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In previous years, I have had my show computer in the garage and have run a 100 foot long Cat 5 cable from there to my first controller.  However, this year, to make things possibly easier, I am looking at keeping my show computer in my basement and running two Cat 5 lines up to the garage.


For the USB-485, can I run a Cat 5 cable up to the garage, mount it in a box with a Cat 5 connector on the end of it, and then daisy chain another Cat 5 cable into it that would go out into the yard?  Obviously, in the basement, on the other end of the cable, would be a regular connector connecting into the USB-485 (or can I do another Cat 5 connector).


Can someone clarify what I can and cannot do?  I'm hoping this is a possible option since I would like to keep things as simple as possible for this year.




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You could get a CAT 5 Jack, and create a connection point in the garage. This would be doing nothing more than extending the cable run from your computer to the garage, and then allowing you to go out into the yard.

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Using terms like "it" leaves some room for misunderstanding. Just to see if I understand you. Your going to take the USB connector and putting that into the computer. At the other end your going to have the adapter. Then connecting to the other side of the adapter your going to run a cat 5 or 6 cable and run this up to a box in the garage with a female RJ-45 connector. Then another cable will plug into the box and run out to the controller. Ya that will work if that is what your asking. Just realize the more connectors you have the greater the chance for failures. But hell I have a socket in a box in the house and outside. Short jumper cable from the computer/adapter. And a longer jumper cable from the box outside to the first controller. So, I have twice as many failure points. So far, so good.

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Hi Paul,


I have my show computer in the basement and have the RS485B adapter with 2 output jacks.  I have installed 2 cat 5 cables that run from there

out the the attic and the yard. close to 100 feet each run before they get to the controllers.  Been running like this for 6 years with no problems.


But like Max-Paul said,  watch those connections at the connectors, they can cause alot of grief.  Also, keep them dry,  LOR has +9v on one of

those pins, and when that gets wet, corrosion happens pretty quickly.


Cat 6 is total overkill, save your money use cat 5.


Simple Diagram:


Computer------USB      --------wall jack------------------wall jack-------------Controller1--------Controller2--------ControllerX

                       RS485B--------wall jack------------------wall jack-------------Controller3---------Controller4--------ControllerY



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