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G3-MP3 Question

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Can the new G3-MP3 Show Director module replace and mount directly in my 1602WMP3 controller?  Or do I have to spend $600 for a new controller to have it mounted in the 1602W case?  Can't tell from the doco.  Thanks

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The size of the new controller is substantially larger than the original player. I don't think it will fin in the original G2 style controllers. The sheet metal and connections are also very different in their layout on the G3 units.



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Like Gary said, I don't believe that the new G3 MP3 director will fit in an old-style 1602.  Please open a trouble ticket, and I can assign it to the designers and get you an answer.


FYI -- If it turns out you can't replace one with the other you may want to take advantage of our unconditional replacement.  That would bring the cost of the 1602Wg3 down to around $366 + shipping (+ the cost of shipping your old one to us).  Again, you would need to open a trouble ticket so we could issue you an RMA.




Unconditional Lifetime Replacement Policy:  

Regardless of current end user, any Light-O-Rama hardware device that fails for any reason (e.g. eaten by dog, no longer like color) can be replaced with the same or current equivalent unit for 60% of the current list price of the new unit.  The end-user is responsible for shipping the old unit back to Light-O-Rama and for the shipping costs of the new unit.  In the event that there is no current equivalent for an Light-O-Rama device, Light-O-Rama will make every attempt to work something equitable out. Light-O-Rama will also honor this policy for any other manufacturer’s device for which we currently have a comparable device.

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