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VU Meter in Superstar?

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I have had others inquire about this as well. There is no "built in" way to do a VU meter in SuperStar. It would be possible for me to put something like that in, but currently it is not there.

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I have used it, but with CCP instead of CCR:



I built a Mini-Mega tree with 8 branches each with 11 pixels:



The way I did it I had to determine the number of pixels that would display green, yellow and red.  then grouped those pixels together by vertical level height I then had to set a threshold for each of the 11 vertical pixels,set their color, and let the VU tool do it's magic,

Basically I had to run the VU tool 11 times (1 for each vertical level of my VU meter)

Another Idea would be to use the the CCRs in an Arch configuration.... from left to right Green -> Yellow -> Red  and have them pulse left to right with the loudness.

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