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Warerproffing RGB Pixels

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After last years disaster with water messing up my RGB lights, I have new strings of lights, rated at IP68.  But still I am concerned about water and would like a way to seal the lights..

While I have heard clear caulk is good, plasti-dip has been suggested (looks very messy) this came up in my readings

Can I get the brain trust to comment on spray-on superhydrophobic coating? 

Details here

The video that makes me think it might work here:


Looking forward to your thoughts.




Joel Dearing

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I've been using clear caulk on the ends and soldier joints and haven't had any problems.  A lot of mine have been up all year for the different Holidays and they haven't failed yet.  


The video is pretty cool.  The one question I came up with is if the product will hold up in the sunlight, heat, and cold temps?  Also how clear is clear?  I'd try it on a small section of the strand to see if it causes a frosting effect changing the color of the light.

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As an experiment, I left our eave strips with (IP67 sleeves, not potted) up all year.  These are the ones that outline the roof and verticals of the house.  


The waterproofing LED strip sleeves were relatively open on the ends until we sealed with a high quality clear RTV.    Worked fine last year which is more than I can say for the LED M5 lights.  


For giggles, I successfully tested the strips again the other day.  No issues.  


Good Luck.

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