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I am trying to use RGB lighting for my landscape lights and have the following to try and make that happen without using a LOR controller.


G3-MP3 Director with external power supply

ELOR with external power supply

Seasonal Entertainment 24 DMX RGB controller with external power supply.


I have powered up the DMX controller and run the light with the internal program on the controller and the light works fine.

I programmed a SD card and have that running on the G3 the ELOR is powered up and is receiving data from the G3 but the lights are not 



For the sequence I created a RGB channel with the following settings:

Device type: DMX

Network: Universe 1

Circuit 1, 2, 3


The DMX RGB controller I have set to an address of 001


This is my first time into the forest so any help would be appreciated.



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Don't make it a DMX universe.  Make it a Regular LOR controller.  As a matter of fact LOR will see it as 4 controllers.  


I just did a job using the MP3/g3 Director to two eLORs to two ECG-D2s and I know it works great!  

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Ok so I did insert device and selected a CMB24D with

Unit ID: 04

Network: Regular

Channels: 8 RGB Channels


I do not know what you mean that LOR will see it as 4 controllers


I programmed a test sequence on one of the channels using Circuits 1, 2, 3.  Looked at it in the visualizer and the colors are all

working but when I program to a SD card still nothing.  The G3 is showing a time and then 1-01.  Do I need to set my DMX Controller to a specific address, it is set to address 001 right now.  ELOR is showing that there is communication going on between it and the G3.  Any other suggestions?


Thanks for the quick response.

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1-01 means it is running show 1 sequence 01.  So it says it is putting out a sequence.


Let's back up a bit.  The eLOR will output two different things.. It will output e1.31 and it will also put out universe 4 as a regular DMX stream.  Where are you taking your output from? 


IF you are using the DMX out on J4 then it will only work as universe #4. 

IF you are trying to use the Ethernet jack as your output, that is only e1.31 and the controller you use must decode that protocol.


I ASSUME you are using the the 1st option.  if that is the case you will need to use controller #4 and not #1 for your program.


The eLOR looks like 4 iDMX units to the S3 software.  So you need to call it the number the 4 controller if you are using the J4 output..


I tried to attach a sample file of the config I used but it says it is too big and won't allow me to attach it.. sorry.

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Ah now that makes more sense.  I was using the Ethernet connection but the controller I have only decodes DMX.  Light bulb goes on :)



Could you email me the config file you have to todd_91@att.net


Again thanks for the help and have a Happy 4th.



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