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Christmas In July Sale 2014 - Lowest Prices on LED Lights, GUARANTEED!

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HiTech Lights Christmas In July Sale from July 1-31, 2014

HiTech Lights, a Light-O-Rama Certified Partner, has worked very hard over the last several years to put together one of the industry's best holiday lighting sales. We've collected feedback from our customers and even non-customers through specialized focus groups from around the country. In response to such feedback, we feel we've put together the most comprehensive holiday lighting sales events featuring our exclusive line of ForeverBrite LED Holiday Lights that are professional-grade of the highest quality and at the lowest price, GUARANTEED!

Here’s a snapshot of the unbelievable prices that we are offering in this sale:
• 70 count M5 mini light strings as low as $9.03 each
• 100 count M5 mini light strings as low as $12.16 each
• 70 count Icicles M5 mini light strings w/ white wire as low as $10.32 each
• 100 count 5mm wide angle light strings as low as $12.16 each
• 70 count C6 light strings as low as $9.63 each
• 25 count C7 light strings as low as $6.82 each
• 25 count C9 light strings as low as $7.70 each
• C7 retrofit dimmable light bulbs as low as $0.77 each
• C9 retrofit dimmable light bulbs as low as $0.94 each

All lights are flicker-free utilizing Rectifier Full Wave LED technology, Fully Dimmable, and work great with AC lighting controllers such as Light-O-Rama’s ShowTime commercial and residential controllers.


Plus, we are offering FREE shipping on all Continental US orders. And if you so happen to find a lower price anywhere, we’ll beat that price by at least 10% - guaranteed!


Not only do we guarantee the lowest prices, but we are also offering an industry first. The ForeverBrite+ LED Holiday Lights 5-Year Warranty & 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee, the industry's best and longest product warranty and guarantee program on LED holiday lights.


While others "say" they have the best, highest quality, lowest price, etc. on LED holiday lights - they don't guarantee it! But wait... WE DO here at HiTech Lights. We've put money where our mouth is. Not only do we SAY it, we HONOR and GUARANTEE it!


Go check out HiTech Lights Online Store at http://www.HiTechLights.com/sale and find out for yourself how you can save hundreds, even thousands of dollars this year when purchasing LED holiday lights! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email info@hitechlights.com.


We'll be exhibiting at Christmas Expo 2014 in Biloxi, MS (July 17-19). We’ll be showing our latest line of ForeverBrite+ LED Holiday Lights and of course, all of the latest Light-O-Rama RGB Cosmic Color Devices and AC & DC Lighting Controllers. For more details, please visit http://www.ChristmasExpo.com.


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Quick note to everyone who participated in our pre-order sale.  First, thank you to everyone - you made our first year a very successful one!


Now to the update - our first set of orders have already shipped out and we are waiting for our second shipment to arrive for us to ship out. We are expecting to ship out the 2nd set of orders at the end of this month.  We will be sending out status updates via email shortly, so please be checking your Email Inbox often!


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I don't know if this is the appropriate place, but I don't want what happened to me to happen to anyone else.  I took advantage of this deal twice.  Both times the spools came broken on both ends.  Why does that matter.  The cheap plastic spool is either broken initially or broken in transport and then you are left with a mess of wire you can't spool out.  It took me days both times to get the wire off the spool. It became all tangled up because it fell of both ends. 


I was stupid to buy the second spool, bit I figured it was a fluke the first time.  When I contacted Mr. Simmons via email about that problem and the fact that I ordered 24 plugs and only got 2, he said he would call me and ship the plugs.  He did ship the plugs but I never got a call and was never offered any sort of remedy for the extra time and effort that was stolen from me.


I should of known if it's to good to be true it's not true.

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