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xl/nc release 3.4.3. New parser for LOR, Vixen and HLS


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XL/NC Release 3.4.3. This release is from Dan Kulp. Dan has re-written the parser for Vixen, HLS and LOR in xLights. This rewrite changes the previous behavior of parsing the entire input files into memory. Now it parses a chunk at a time. The result? You should be able to convert any size sequence. The memory used during conversion is way smaller now. 3.4.3 is posted on the releases page. http://nutcracker123.com/nutcracker/releases/


Please test this release if you are using the CONVERT tab.




3.4.3   -Enh (dkulp) Reduce memory usage of LMS import

        -Enh (dkulp) Change XML parser to spxml to avoid loading entire file into memory


Again, Thanks Dan Kulp. 

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