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cannot use video files?


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I just upgraded to the Basic Plus because I want to incorporate video files into my show this year.


I've gone to Video Preferences and clicked the options I can (full screen not available as don't have advanced licence).


I have converted my HD mp4 video to both .avi and .wmv


however when I try to open up either of them in a new sequence in Sequencer, I get this -


"The media file C:/Users/Christmas/Documents/Light-O-Rama/Video Clips Projector/LetItGo.avi


is not recognised as a valid media file. You will need to select a different file."


Same for the .wmv version ...


What am I missing?? Help??

TIA :)


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You need to re-encode the video using a different codec.  Wmv and avi are only containers, it's how you've compressed the video that is the issue.

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DevMike, is there a document that tells us which codecs and containers LOR supports?

I am about to be creating a 20 minute 720P video file for LOR and would love to have that information up front.


Unfortunately, No.  


The way Windows handles media is a bit of Voodoo, and we are at its mercy.  Typically, the container (mkv/avi/wma/etc) isn't the issue, it's the encoding.  


The Encoding/Decoding is done by the codec, and as long as the codec supplied a Directshow filter we should be able to use it - which is where the Voodoo begins.  Not all codec manufacturers supply Directshow filters, or may not include all the required library calls.  On top of that, you may have installed a codec on one computer, but not on another.  A program completely unrelated to media handling may install a codec and just not tell you, and you'll pull your hair out trying to find it.


The absolute BEST recommendation I can make is run a short test.  Create a small test video and ensure it works on your show machine.


Side Bar:  You may not be happy with a 20 minute sequence.  That is going to be a LOT of data to load, and you may get delays in loading it, etc.  You are going to need to test that before you go live.

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