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How Do I sequence RGB floods?


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Newbie here who recently purchased  a set of RGB floods ( 8 ) with it's own 24 channel controller.  I have NO idea on how to sequence these floods.  Do I add them on to a sequence I already have, start from scratch?  I understand that they are a separate unit and all but need some help as to HOW to get started with this project.

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Adding the RGB channels takes less time than it does to explain the process. Open whichever sequence you want. Right-click on any channel name, go down to INSERT RGB CHANNELS, and then follow the bread crumbs.

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Make sure you add them in to the bottom of the sequence.  That way when you export the channel config and import it into your other sequences it won't mess them up. 

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I have the same DC controller with the RGBs. 


On your main track (go to the end), right click and "Insert Device"->"Insert Device Below" and you can add them all at once.


Like Jim said adding to the bottom is important, very important.


Name it anything you like.

From "Device" select "RGB Device (Non-CCD)"

Base Unit ID: This would be whatever you set the Unit ID to be (unique from all your other LOR equipment)

Channels: 24


Click "Okay" and you're ready to start sequencing.

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