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NEED HELP yet again


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trying to down load files on to the card for use in the MP3/G3 Director.  It says one of my files has an "Error with sequence file:  Creating Sequence File Overflow"


This file has a loop that repeats a lot bot nothing else out of the ordinary. 


What could cause this?  I am thinking this is one that I had the crash on several times when trying to shorten change the length of the sequence. 


Quick help would be awesome if someone is awake and able.. I leave on a plane tomorrow to install this thing..


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Animation sequence? Do you *need* the loops? :)


If using tracks, make sure all tracks are the same time length.

Oh yeah ... forgot. MP3 won't do tracks, so that's out.


How large of an animation file?

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Yeah, I found out about the tracks the hard way.. had to go back and redo all 28 sequences.. arggg..


The show isn't that long 52 seconds. I used the loops to save memory..


I wound up opening a new sequence and copying the lines and pasting them.. the weird thing is that when I pasted them in the new one, they were 1/2 the length of the old one.. so I stretched them out and saved it.. that worked.. dumped the old one..

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