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Wanting to keep my controllers in my yard and out of the hands of the neighborhood delinquents last year I used 4 ft. screw in lawn anchors. (Like used to anchor a shed or guy wire). After spending hours screwing in 4 of them last year, and then getting them out, I wanted a quick and easy way of doing it this year. I used lawn sprinkler system valve boxes, cement, chain and rebar to make in ground anchors. Digging a hole 24" deep I placed the valve box flush with the ground, filled in the hole up to the bottom of the valve box with cement. Running the end of a piece of 4' chain through a bent U shaped piece of rebar I worked the rebar into the cement so the end chain link was just above the cement. After the cement had set I put a couple of inches of river rock in the box to keep the dirt from washing in the pipe pass thru holes, dropped the chain in, put the lid on the box and packed dirt around the outside of the box. I had to drill out the hole in the lid a bit for the chain to fit thru. Now I can set my controller, pull the lid, pull the chain thru the hole, replace the lid and I'm ready to padlock the controller down. Once the grass fills back in it will cover the box and it won't be seen unless you are right on top of it.

Due to size of photos I posted them on my website here....



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