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What is the max length my musical sequence can be?


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I am creating a medley of songs that will run directly off my computer in LOR.

Is there a cap to the length a single musical sequence can be?


Anything else I should note?



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How long of a musical sequence were you planning to do? 10 minutes? 1 hour? 2 hours?


I think the number of RGB channels, at least in the current version of software, would play a role as well. 

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You might want to reconsider making one big sequence,  That locks you into playing the whole thing every time.

You can edit songs down and make small sequences, then you can pick and choose which ones to play on a particular

show night.   You can sequence such that a particular set of lights are left on at the end of a sequence and then start the next

sequence with those same lights, it appears like it's the same sequence, with just a slight pause between the songs.

Telling the scheduler to pre-load the sequences into memory first, will shorten the delay between songs.


I do also edit a couple songs together, but I tend to keep the total time under 5 min per sequence.


The one Exception to that is my Halloween Charlie Brown Show. it's 14 min long and loops over and over.



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