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MP3 Bug, Per Dan's Post

Tom B.

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Hi All,

Well, I just downloaded ... decided to spend sometime on the softwar rather than outside this afternoon.

As has been noted by eariler posts, my MP3's are off a bit from the animation ... to catch up on the notes I've read here:

  • Use an audio editor (like Audacity) and ADD silence to the front of the mp3
  • Wait ... Dan is going to speak to the programmers about this ... to shift the sequence to the right (or left) to match the programming with the music (apparently this is a difference caused by the newer version of Windows Media Player)

What happens if you use the 2.0 Resizing tool?

  • It will resize the event, but oddly, does not SHIFT the music
  • It also seems to actually stretch the next event, but does not resize the graphics (such as a fade) that is in that 2nd event. Looks like it just adds blank space before the fade, but does not add an event. In other words, the Fade that used to fill the whole event, not start's 2 1/10ths of a second into the event.

I will adjust add the silence to the music as recommended ... but thought this info might be helpful to recap.


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