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Super Star stops on create quick vis

Don Krasley

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I used the software to create instant sequences before and had no issues. Now when I go to create a sequence I get an error after I try to create a quick visualizer. I am trying to get a few sequences ready for our show we'll be doing later this month in our town and need to get these done. I don't have time to do a real visualizer and I really need to get some songs done. I will be using 16 controllers and it gives me this error even when I try just 1 controller. Please check the attachment to see the error. I tried with an audio file loaded and without audio file loaded.

Thanks for the help! :(:mellow::huh::o :o :o



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Sorry it is crashing on you. From the screen shot I can see you are running v3.11.2 which is good because that is the most recent version. I have tried creating several quick visualizations and have not been able to get it to crash.


If I can duplicate the crash I can fix it. Please email me the following file and it may help be duplicate the problem. Email the file to brian@superstarlights.com

The file I am interested in is:


c:/ (your lightorama folder) / SuperStar / SSEdit.cfg

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All's well that ends well! I learned a few things and one of the thing I knew already is if I can mess things up, I will! I also learned that the support I was given by Brian was top notch! His concern for my satisfaction went way beyond what I expected. He worked diligently to see that I could get my software running. He is a real genius and I love the SuperStar software when I don't mess things up myself! lol! So the tip of the day is let your software put the files where it wants to put them and thats in the same folder as your LOR stuff. Maybe Brian can add to this but I am running and all I need to do now is say Thank You to Brian! He answered my questions and figured out what I was doing wrong. He was always quick to reply and stayed up late to help too! Thanks! You're the best Brian!

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