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How to build a controller box for CMB24

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This is my 3rd year to use Light-O-Rama products in my home Christmas display.  I have received so much help from this forum, I thought I'd attempt to pay back and post my most recent adventure building a controller box for the CMB 24 controller I purchased at the Mad Grab sale.  I bought the package that has the 8 dumb RGB strips.  I want to add the RGB floods next year.


I've attached pictures to show what I did.  I went to Home Depot and bought a big plastic box in the electrical section.  The Power supply I purchased from Light-O-Rama is the biggest piece and is 9" long, so I bought a 10" X 10" box. 


I want to run CAT 5 cable from the box to the strips and I want to be able to just plug them in, so I bought some outlet boxes, CAT 5 jacks & cover plates.  You can see from the pictures the process I used.  I made some mistakes along the way, but am pretty pleased with the result.


I hope this can help someone else.  Enjoy!!





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not a bad idea. i got 2 of those to set up. 1 for the LOR rbg strips and 1 for rbg singing tree. Will have to try that

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Looks like a great idea I just bought my first one too  and need a resting place for it , got plenty of room from the looks of your pic's  

Thanx for sharing




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