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Help with exporting from Papagayo

Eric walls

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I need some help with Papagayo and after looking at the tutorial I still couln't come up with an answer.

I used Papagayo to create mouth movements, exported into the clipboard using the translator. When I tried to paste it in a sequence I get an error pasting message that says "Ivalid start centisecond (-3565)"

Can anyone help me?

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I'm new to Papagayo this is the 1st time I have used it I have everything done and have it on the clipboard in LOR but it will not paste to the sequence I have paste by time marked

What do I need to do to Help!!!

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Are you getting an error message?    Did you


Load clipboard 

Select that clipboard in your list.

Set paste mode to by time.

Click first cell of first mouth channel   

Paste there.. you may not see anything if there are no words in the first 10 seconds... scroll over to right.

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I have done everything you said in your message it will paste if I change the paste by to cell but not the way should.

I have tried redoing the file to the clipboard

When I try to paste it there is nothing there

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