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Old Visualizer Tool Needed


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It has been years since I originally saw this tool. What is was I think they called it a flip tool, used so you could make a sequence section run one way then if you used this tool it would flip it over so you could run it the other direction.


   Hope I am not dreaming


Also what is at easiest way to make an X chase in S3?


Thanks Mike

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I'm not exactly sure what an X chase is, so I can't help you on that.

But I believe the tool you're describing is called Clipboard Flipper. It's written by ItsMeBobO and it is available from his website. Very useful indeed.

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What I mean by X is:

Lets use a 8 channel mega tree for example

ch 1 & 8 on

ch 2 & 7

ch 3 & 5

ch 4

1            1

  2        2

    3    3


    5   5

  7        7

8             8


Hope this helps


Thanks for the flipper tool



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