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A couple of questions about 10W LOR Floods

Ron Boyd

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I got my 8 pack hooked up and tested today. Neat little buggers, and bright. I like them. Programmed a fade, shimmer and twinkle during testing and all was well. I also did a  single line chase in white using Nutcracker and found out I can use them as strobes. A nice little bonus. ;)  Much better than the debacle of the C9 strobes I bought 2 years ago. Those, I was very disappointed in.  :angry:


Now to my questions.


I want to run these from my E1.31 data stream via an E1.31 to DMX Bridge from DIYLEDExpress. What am I going to lose as far as effects using the CMB24B in DMX Mode? I read somewhere twinkle and shimmer goes bye bye, is this true? Any other S3 effects lost?


Second question, when changing the board over to DMX, does the new jumper positions remove the LOR network and Cat5e from pins 4 & 5 and switch the pins to 1 & 2 as the DMX Standard or will I need a LOR / DMX adapter cable?


Thanks for any insight. 


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I was just looking at info on the e1.31 bridge, if you use the DMX jumpers then yes it will move to pins 1 and 2, if you use the REN jumpers it stays on 4 and 5, but 4 and 5 need to be swapped.  Either way a cable will be needed for the proper conversions.

As for the effects, I'm not sure.  I use other DMX controllers, twinkle and shimmer seem to work fine with those.

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