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Triggering an Animation during a music sequence


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So here is my scenario:


I have 7 LOR controller as well as 850+ DMX channels with dumb and smart pixels. For Halloween I want to a motion activated sensor that will trigger a “Monster in a Box” prop that is pneumatic as well as some Smart Pixels while the other musical sequences are running.  I have CTB-HDR-G3 (http://store.lightorama.com/ctincoge.html) that I can use for the contact closure. Is this actually possible?


Option 1: Isolate one of the LOR controllers just for this, but that would mean I need a second computer, with the trigger sequences


Option 2: keep all 7 controllers in the same network, and just be able to trigger those sequences with the others are running.




Pat Delaney

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This is possible, so long as it's an animation sequence, as you state.  I do this for our donation box.  If you choose a .lms file, I'm not sure what, exactly, it will do, but it seems to me that you'll have problems with overlapping audio (audio from the main show and audio from the interactive sequence attempting (and maybe succeeding) to play at the same time.


From the show editor, you'll use the "Interactive" tab to set this up.


1.  Select the "Interactive" tab.

2.  Click the "+" button to add an interactive group.

3.  I use the Jukebox setting, as I don't want it to re-trigger until the sequence is done running.

4.  Select "OK" and then give the jukebox a name.

5.  Click the "+" button to add the sequence/trigger.

6.  Choose the appropriate controller and trigger input.  You can give it a more meaningful name, if you want to.

7.  Choose which sequence will be executed when this trigger is received.


When you create the animation sequence, be sure that the channels included in that sequence are not replicated anywhere else in the main show sequences that might be running at the same time, or it won't work right.


Edit:  To be clear, option 2 will work.  I have 20+ LOR controllers on a single network, including the one that receives the interactive trigger and drives the lights in the interactive animation sequence.

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