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Connecting Rangemaster Transmitter to Antenna


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Hey Gang,


So last year I bought a Rangemaster from Amazon. Worked well, but I noticed static at the end of my long driveway. So I wanted to put an antenna into the attic, Which I did.

Now here is the hard part...

The Rangemaster has a TNC Connection on the back and the Antenna has a Coaxial Cable. Being the antenna is inside the attic, there should be no need to ground it.


So I am needing a TNC to Coax Adapter. Any Idea where to get those? I've been to Microcenter and to a Cable Specialty company with no luck





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Have you tried Google?  A quick TNC to Coax Adaptor search yielded over a million hits.  One of those HAS to be what you want.

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