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RGB for rookies?


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Hi all,


      I recently received advice on improving my show (this will be only my second season). They suggested RGB bulbs / pixels. The manual on LOR looked a bit intimidating and so I have a few questions (please realize that these may be really silly questions):


  • The manual says that I can daisy the CCBulb 100 bulb set with controller
     it into my current controllers, but how many channels do I need to dedicate from my current channel quantity- I have 32 channels?
  • Does this require a licensing upgrade as well? 

I just want to know what I may be getting into before experiencing the wrath of the wife for the cost of the controllers/software; Not that Im gonna let that stop me. I cant sleep well unless I get in trouble at least once per day

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The Cosmic Color Devices (Ribbons, Bulbs, Pixels) come with their own controller. The controller that comes with it is the one providing power to the CCDs, as well as where the channel allocation comes from. If you wanted to, you could run an entire display with just CCDs and not have a 'regular' 16 channel controller in your display. 


You connect the controllers to one another via CAT5 cable, just like you would the 16 channel controllers.


You may need a higher level licence depending on how many controllers you have. Otherwise you do not need a higher level licence to run RGB.

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