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E1.31 and setting up xlights/nutcracker


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Starting/number of Universes and Last channel


Question is when setting this up in Nutcracker I want to be sure I did this correct...


Starting #1  Number of Universes......I'm doing a 12 leg Mega pixel tree of ws2811 square pixels (50)count  so 12 Universes


Last channel 6144?    is that correct?






Thanks in advance



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Are you using an e682? So, assigning one universe to each output? Keep in mind you will have to run it in unicast and specify the IP address in xlights.

50 pixels = 150 channels

150 x 12 = 1800. So, that is the number of channels you are actually using.

12 universes would be 512 x 12 = 6144, but not sure why you would be using the channels like that.

I would set universe 1 to unicast, input the IP of the e682, then assign it 150 channels.

Then, add a new universe and keep doing that for all 12.

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I am using a ECGP12-R and yes assigning one Universe per channel....and was not thinking 150 channels for some reason...


Thanks for some clarity.

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