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so I guess there is a mini in Tennessee next weekend...thinking of going... (my friend told me about it) but then I got to thinking.... What exactly is a mini? I mean here I am thinking of driving over 5 hours one way getting a hotel room for the night and driving 5 hours back for something I don't even know what it is??  all because he said LOR people were going to be there!!  wow that is an addiction right! 


But then I got to thinking some more - why do I never see one for North Carolina?? So I got to thinking some more (this is why my show gets bigger and bigger) If it is just basically a social... a gathering of people... that come together...and talk about LOR stuff... throw in a little food and beverage... well golly, I can do that.  I'm social... I got food. 


So how many people would be interested in coming to my house for a cook-out in say mid May or June for a cook out ???

I live in Concord, NC.

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well i don t know about meeting at someones house but down here in North Carolina We have at least 4 meetings a year and the subjects covered cover every aspect of our hobby.,sometimes we have a bargain corner for the sale of excess items.plenty of food  no red cup social tho.come on over to Christmas Carolina.com and check us out all are welcome.

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I'd love an apportunity like this but its almost a 1,000 miles away for me. The general offer to all is appreciated on this end for sure. Wish I could get there.

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well it seems no one is interested...  :(  I know there is alot of people in Charlotte... Concord is centrally located in the state so.... I guess I will have to check out the christmascarolinas.com 

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Hopefully you will still consider coming over to the Tennessee mini. You cant go to enough of these, they are always a lot of fun and hopefully worth the time and money spent.

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big_dog_501 is coming over to the TN mini from Charlotte. Might try yo get in touch with him. He was looking for car poolers last I heard

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Here is Dennis Cherry's post about the Tennessee Mini.



This year’s theme will be: “The Great Light Fight” what works and doesn’t work.


We can discuss all aspects on putting together a great display from nuts and bolts to finished display. This is a great time for newcomers to ask questions.


Topics can range from:


Lights to use: incandescent, LED’s, RGB dumb and smart strings, Matrix's, mega trees, and Coro elements.


Hardware: basic controllers, new miniature controllers, E1.31, E682, dumb and smart controllers, etc.


Software: LOR, Vixen, HLS, Superstar, Xlights/Nutcracker


Construction of elements; Need ideas how to construct leaping arches, mega trees, spiral trees, Marty Fan, etc.


What’s new: Let’s talk about the new stuff


We will have experienced people with some of the best displays in Tennessee and surrounding area here to talk and teach.


Doug Delong of Cleveland, Tennessee: http://www.bradleylights.com


Any Harrison from Soddy Daisy, Tennessee:


Ron Boyd from Knoxville, Tennessee: http://www.boydchristmasinlights.com


WHEN: March 22, 2014


WHERE: Doug Delongs House

                3787 Blue Springs Road

               Cleveland, TN


TIME: 9:00am till 4:00 pm


FOOD: We normally collect $7.00 per person and we agree on buying lunch from one place, majority rules.




1. LOR Gift Certificate ($250)

2. 2 Sandevices E6804’s

3. 3G Lighting Creations (Several Door Prizes's)

4. Demented Elf Gift Certificate.

5. Seasonal Entertainment (Gift Certificate for 20% Off)

6. Ulta-Lit (LED Keeper & LightKeeper Pro Combo).

7.   27 ch. RGB Board and a $50 Gift certificate from CLDKevin

8.   Gift certificate from wire frame D’Lights


May have more.




Bring your stuff to find a new display needing more.




Bring your Laptop Computer


Have a problem with connecting your equipment or need help in DIY kits? We will have some of the best local talent available to help you.


If you have not responded with a post on coming and how many please do, we would like to have a count, plenty of space is available.


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ParalegalNC - sorry have not been on the forums for a couple weeks due to power loss and business travel. I am located in the Burlington/Graham area - about an hour and half from Concord. I would love to do something like this. I probably have more questions than answers as I move into RGB area but just meeting some fellow light enthusiasts would be fun.  I have visited the christmascarolinas site a few times but not recently.  Anyway, if you get more interests, keep me posted at rjmcmasters@triad.rr.com


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