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Sequencing Holdman Star


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I am adding a wireframe Holdman Star for next year. I have been sequencing this star, but find myself doing the same fade/rotation through the 3 channels in every sequence? Anyone who has a Holdman Star in their display willing to share any of the following sequences? Sequences can be sent to gladsons@comcast.net  Thanks in advance.


Feliz Navidad

Fur Elise


Holiday Road

Holly Jolly Christmas

Little Drummer Boy - Pentatonix

Mele Kilikimaka


The Most Wonderful Time 

Where are you Christmas

Winter Palace




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I don't have one so I can't help out.
But keep in mind that with ANY three-channel display element, there is a severe mathematical limit on what you can do with it.  (If you're using LEDs, shimmer is a good tool that adds one additional sequencing option.) 
Also, keep in mind that the star itself isn't something that people are going to watch for any extended period of time.  No one will spend anywhere near as much time watching it as you might.  (Same holds true for any type of tree-top item as well.)  As with anything else that serves as a supporting display element, if it keeps time with the beat it's good.  It will only get noticed if it DOESN'T keep time with the beat.


Happy sequencing!

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