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I'm thinking of running my show off a Raspberry Pi since I'm adding RGBs.  Is there a way to run the LOR controllers through the Ethernet connection on the Pi or do I need to get a bridge?


Jim Linke

Hasbrouck Heights NJ

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Your call on this, but you don't necessarily need the Pi to run RGB. In its current instantiation, there are some limitations and drawbacks for using LOR with lots of RGB channels, but I ran over 12,000 channels last year with LOR.

If you decide to use the Pi for your show, I believe you'll need a bridge. And you'll need to run your LOR controllers in DMX mode.

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Currently you will need an E1.31 bridge and run the LOR controllers in DMX mode.   I think they are hoping to support USB adapters in the future.  I tested it with my LOR controllers in DMX mode along with Lynx Expresses using and Ether Dongle and it worked fine.  It's another option.  I personally will keep it around for a backup for now but I'll try to stick with LOR and my PC for now just because I know it's reliability and I use Zara Radio with it.  


It's quite system they are building though I will admit.  It has a ton of potential.

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Let me start to again remind everyone I have nothing to do with the pi player. Dave Pitts, mykroft, captmurdock,matterdaddy and some others are the development team. When u use a computer you need CPU cycles, memory, disk and network to run most software. You keep asking the software to do more and more and you run out of one or more of these resources.

In the case of lor I think memory gets used up on the larger sequences and then CPU cycles. The pi player is a single CPU, 700mhz, 512mbyte computer. What is amazing to me is the FPD dev team keeps adding more features and they have not yet hit a resource bottleneck.

My 24,000 channels runs on the pi with no lag. Just amazing.

The dev team has now added that your sound files can be ogg, mp3 or mp4. This used to be just ogg. I like things I use to be actively being developed and new features coming out.

So what is coming?

A fseq and a mp4 movie file is now finished and is being tested.

USB drivers for regard and others.

Possible new things, multiple pi players synced together in a master/slave arrangement.

Ability to type text while show is running on my iPhone and text overlays the current running show. "Hi Jenny!" To appear instantly while I am talking to jenny in the car.

More stuff from the dev team. To follow.

That whole team is amazing.

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Newegg has them for $35 today.  Not sure if this big deal but it might save you enough to buy lunch for a day and get started.  It's today only after 1PM PST.


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