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Making Faces out of Real Trees


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HI Gang,


SO here is a new one for me, I have 5  real Trees (blue Spruce- Pic ENC) and I would like to put Faces onto them without hurting the tree. Just eyes and mouth at the minimum.


Anyone have a thought how to do that?





Pic @ https://picasaweb.google.com/kiplorenzo/May112013#5876724874295092610

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There is a lot of potential there.

I did a twenty foot talking star last year with blinking eyes and I have a twenty foot talking Santa planned to join him this year.

It took four channels:



Mouth open

Mouth Closed

Using how I did my star as a pattern;

you could do your tree in all Cool White LEDs.

Do the Eyes in Blue LEDS

Do the mouth in Warm White LEDs or Yellow.

I agree depending on size a frame would be easiest.

But with some trial and error you could pull off some cool talking trees without a frame.

Don't forget to make the eyes blink.

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I need to fill some last minute space in an oven with some other things I am having powder coated.  I'm already making some wire frame faces for myself for some artificial trees.  If you are still looking let me know, they're 2x3 foot and made from 1/4" mild steel round bar and they'll be powder coated black.

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