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Christmas Expo 2014


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Hi all - I'm new here, but have been asked to share information about this year's Christmas Expo. The 2014 Expo is being held in Biloxi, MS at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum and Convention Center on July 17-19. The cost is $160 for 3 days; however, if you register online before March 17, the cost is discounted to $144.

Jay Cone is our Keynote Speaker this year - Jay works at a "major" Orlando theme park and has the pleasure of working on the Osborne family light show. He'll be sharing information on how the show has evolved, tips and tricks he's learned from working on a show of this caliber, as well as a bit of background on how he started a business based on his decorating passion. Jay will be accepting questions from the audience so make your list!

In addition, our education committee has been busy scheduling top notch classes and speakers. The class lineup so far includes the following... and with more being added all the time:

  •     Animatronic Programming with TrackSkull & LOR
  •     Animatronics - Adding Mechanical and Movers to your display
  •     Blowmold 101
  •     Blowmold Application
  •     Broadcasting Your Show
  •     Build It & They Will Come - managing large displays
  •     Building a Christmas Web Site, Blog and/or Facebook page
  •     Decorating 101 - Basics & Novel Anecdotes for Newbies (free to all)
  •     DIY - Decorating: Getting Down and Dirty
  •     DMX Basics
  •     Electrical AC
  •     Electrical DC
  •     Getting the Media Spotlight Shining on Your Display
  •     History of the Nativity
  •     Inflatables - use, repair, storage, best brands
  •     Madrix IMMERSION
  •     Maximizing Your LED Investment: Repair and Modification
  •     Minleon - Light Show Pro IMMERSION
  •     Mr & Mrs. Claus in your display
  •     RGB Pixels 101
  •     RGB Pixels 201
  •     Rope Lights - use, repair, tips and tricks
  •     Securing Your Display
  •     Soldering Basics
  •     Soldering Hands-On
  •     SuperStar Instant Sequence and the new Auto Sequence features
  •     SuperStar Tips and Tricks
  •     The Art & Presentation of a Christmas Display: The Holy Grail
  •     Video Editing
  •     Wireframes

Christmas Expo is based around family - my sister Joyce and I are thrilled to be the new owners of the Expo. We are both avid decorators (and Joyce is a professional meeting planner too) and many of you may know me as the owner of ChristmasLightFinder.com. Joyce and I are  both always open to any questions you may have and we look forward to sharing this event with you and welcoming all to the Christmas Expo family.

Hope to see you there!

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To those of you going to the Christmas Expo in Biloxi this year, I’m looking forward to seeing you there and I want to pick your brains a bit.  I’ll be handling two classes this year. Audacity and Zara Radio.  I want to put the classes together based on what YOU want to know, not what I think you want to know. So please let me know. Either in respond here, or shoot me an email  thedementedelf@thedementedelf.com. Thanks for the feedback and I’ll see you in Biloxi!

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Wow! How cool is that! The Demented Elf himself, in person, no voice persona, teaching right in front of us. Getting my popcorn ready now!

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The lineup looks AWESOME. Love the change of venue too! 


Do you think it will be possible to publish the class schedule before we arrive. There are so many sessions that I would like to attend that planning will be essential.

I'm pretty excited to actually meet the Demented Elf! He has been a part of so many of our displays that it will be great to thank him in person!


See you all in Biloxi!



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