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I have two new songs that I would like to start working on for Halloween.


Now I have never considered myself a great sequencer, I am however, pretty decent at face movements.


Here's my proposition - if anyone would be willing to share sequencing to these 2 songs - I would do the facial movements/band movements and you would sequence the musical portion to make one sequence.


It would cut the time and end up with a pretty cool sequence - Any interest?


Here are the two songs I am proposing;


1./  The eerie ballad of Once Upon a Dream by Lana Del Ray





2./  So Alive


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How many faces were you planning  per song and can you let me know how many channels you have ( or plan on using ) and also , a layout/picture of your setup ? And are you using normal light channels or pixels ? 

the second song sounds good ... not so sure about the first one though

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I would but those songs are not for me. That first song would drive me batty.  If you ever want a Christmas song parody to Lana Del Rey's "Summer Time Gladness" then I can help you out. Any back up songs?

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