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WTB Cool White Rope Light


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Am looking for 6 strands of dimmable cool white rope light for my 30" 3D Star and Wireframe Holdman Star.


Need (2) 18' lengths and (4) 12' lengths.


I prefer the store bought stuff so I don't have to worry about weatherproofing the plugs/ends. Plus, I have heard some horror stories with the 150' spools. I am not too concerned if it is 3/8" or 1/2".


This deal looks too good to be true:




Let me know you shipped cost to 98626.

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Hey there! Another Washingtonian! Not sure if you saw the post, but we have a CLAP meeting once a year as a get together in the PacNW on May 3rd. We have a great crowd for networking and help, and have been meeting for 10 years, and always have a great curriculum.

I buy my rope from Reinders in bulk, plus there is some other sites I have heard of. The deal you post is a great deal. What they do not provide is the "cut" length.

Not sure what horror stories you heard about bulk rope. I have not had issues lighting or maintaining stuff I buy online. You said you needed 2 18" lengths. If you are looking for LED rope, the smallest cut length I have ever seen is 33". Typically it is 33-36". Only incandescent can be cut at 18" intervals.

Send me an IM and I can hook you up with another local light crazy who may have some LED rope to spare. He lives in Port Orchard.

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