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Can't put it off any longer....

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Up in the bucket truck to take down the lights.. Last thing left to take down... been putting it off for a month and a half... This will take most of the day.. A#@$#^$%^$%


So who else has stuff up that they just didn't want to get around to taking down?  I don't mean that is frozen in the ice and snow.. but you just didn't want to get to it. 



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I feel for you...

My wife and I took down our stuff New Year's Day. It took all day.

I need to find more ways to streamline since 2014 I doubled my light count.

One nice thing is that my Christmas trees can unbolt from their platforms and hang from the floor joist under the house.

I would rather have a basement, but ten feet of enclosed crawl space works great for storage.

I still have 60 LED mesh lights in a ball in the garage all zip tied together...

I just cut the strings and let my twenty foot talking star slide down the roof to the ground.

He weighs about fifty pounds.

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Still got 1200 lights on pine tree and all the stuff on the gutter to get off and 1 10ft mega tree to tear down. To cold and to much snow maybe april i get to it.

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With yesterday being a day off for me, I finally got the reminder of the x-cords off the lawn, the RGB Tree pixels strings off the frame, (they are the TC pixels so they are now getting cut off the risers to be thrown away!)

The only remaining lights that are still up, are in my "Procrastination Tree" I have to get inside that tree to remove the lights. Waiting for a fairly dry day to do that. So I am 99.5% on Tear Down!

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