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Help with ordering from Ray Wu


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If you really want to go the DIY route over LOR's out of the box solution, you've already found one of the better sources I've found for DIY LEDs.  Going DIY over LOR is a trade-off in cost for time.  Finding Ray is the biggest part of the DIY solution.    Just be sure to do your homework and make sure you get a revised quote from him before committing to the buy on his web site. Once you have the tally in your shopping cart, use the website's contact the seller feature.  He'll probably shoot you a custom quote revising the price of at least the postage downward if you ask before you commit.   His prices really aren't too bad, considering - but the shipping costs are outrageous and can double your final cost.   Trying to find a few local friends to jump into a group buy with you could really help cut costs as you split the postage.  Sometimes he can be hard to get in touch with, but he did the right thing when he shipped the wrong quote to me last year.   He quickly fixed the problem and didn't try to ding me for the double postage. 


I'd also recommend the longer 20" 4pin RGB pigtails so that they will extend far enough out of your enclosure.  I bought a bunch of cheaper 8" ones on ebay and would up replacing them all with CLD's 20" pigtails because they were just too short.  Kevin, owner of CLD, is an approved LOR vendor so I can give you his link: http://store.creativelightingdisplays.com/Waterproof-Cables_c28.htm


Plan well ahead and make sure you stay as consistent with parts as possible to enhance interchangeability.


If I can be of further help, send me a PM.

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This year I I'll have 3 pin type. 10", 24", 3-way splitter/tees and cables.

But I wont have have them in stock for a couple of months...maybe sooner. I'll check the status Monday.

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