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adding 3- ch. dmx controllers

big joe

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Alright!                                  Hi everybody Big Joe here!! 


Got a question that is probably just a simple yes/no answer.  I'm going to add the 3-ch. DMX


controllers to my current DMX universe. (well 16 of 'em).


Set-up looks like this on DMX side.                         (also run 4 16ch. LOR boxes and upping that to 6 this year)




USB to Actidongle, to Power&DMX Blender (power is 120v to 12v. 12.5amp swiching power convertor), to 10 meter 4-core waterproof


pigtail, to Rainbow Extreme, 10 meter 4-core waterproof pigtail, to Rainbow Extreme, to adapter from 4-core to cat-5 ( I have to make that part)


then 50' of DMX+Power , to spilter , then 3ch. controller, (going to run fancy-pant RGB mini-trees), Then run cat-5 about 10' apart to each


tree.         Question is: do I need to put a termination on the last out on the last spliter, as that will be the end of the run?


I've looked around and there seems to be mixed feelings about this. Was thinking maybe Max-Paul ,or Degrant has run into this      

     sort of thing last year.


                            Thanks for all the help on all my other questions everybody!!


                                                                   Big Joe out!!

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Rule of thumb with DMX is to put a terminator a the end of any DMX chain. If you split the signal, you would put 2 in place. It eliminates one thing to trouble shoot later on.

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