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     Wasn't sure if LIGHT UP OHIO 2014 was going to happen this year, but because of your comments and support, we went out and found a venue and it is "ON".  Thank you for your interest.

Light Up Ohio 2014 takes place on MAY 17th at The Spring Hollow Lodge, 1069 W. Main St., Westerville, OH. Please mark your calendars. 

     We will have more information on our website www.lightupohio.com in the next several days.  Check our site often for details, because we will have limited space available once registration opens.  Unfortunately, The Spring Hollow Lodge has a capacity limit, so once we reach that, we will have to cut off our registration process.

     We have some exciting things planned, so it should be fun and educational for all.

Hope to see you there.


Bill Hoffman - bhoff52@yahoo.com

Jeff Phillips -  jphillips62@gmail.com

Joe Erdeljac-  jerdeljac@hughes.net

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I would like to attend, so keep us up to date! :)

That's great Larry, and we will post the details as soon as they are available!

Thanks for putting this together.  I plan on being there.


You're welcome Gary..looking forward to seeing you there!

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The agenda for LUO is being developed and it’ll provide a lot of good info from several very talented decorators. Until the agenda is finalized, check this thread and the Light Up Ohio website for frequent updates.

One topic sure to interest many:
-Learn how to combine coro plastic and new RGB technology

In addition to a number of great sessions and speakers there’ll be a place to talk in small groups about a variety of subjects.

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Interested in saving some money on your display? Attend LUO and pick up some great insight and tips on a session focused on Do It Yourself. One of LUO’s very own, will provide some hands on learning and explanation on how you can save significant $$ by Doing It Yourself.

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     After taking off for a year, Light Up Ohio is coming back bigger and better.  It all starts Friday - May 16th at our Meet & Greet.  This is where we can all get together, over a great meal, and share ideas.  It's a great place to ask questions, and get some of your confusion cleared up by being able to talk, one on one, with various fellow decorators.  Plus, it is always lots of fun and a great place to make new friends.

     Then comes the "Main Event" on Saturday - May 17th.  It will be a full day of fun, education, socializing, and of course, lot's of great food.  There will be various experts in attendance, and the educational agenda will be second to none.  Lots of vendors are already getting on board, so you will be able to see some of the new products coming out, as well as take advantage of the great discounts they are offering.

     Light Up Ohio has always prided itself in introducing exclusive products before they are introduced to the public, and this year will be no different.  Remember the "JUMP", that was introduced exclusively at Light Up Ohio by Walter and Jackie Monkhouse.

     Registration is now open at our website www.lightupohio.com.  I hope to see you there.  Lots of things have been finalized, and we will be releasing more information in the next several days.  I think you will be surprised.



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Here's one more topic to be presented at Light Up Ohio:


Hinkle's Lighting Sequencer (HLS) software session:


This session will introduce you to an alternate sequencing software.  Over the course of the past 2 years this software has developed into a favorite of many users sequencing thousands of RGB pixels.  If you looking for an alternate software solution this session will be very informative to you.  It is not solely for pixels; it was developed as an alternate to the grid method like many current software programs use. But the two things that make it attractive are that HLS makes sequencing pixels manageable and if you attend LUO we'll tell you how to get the latest version of HLS for FREE.


 Hope to see you at LUO.



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The LUO 2014 Meet-N-Greet will be held at:


Smokey Bones Bar & Fire Grill

1481 Polaris Parkway

Columbus, OH 43420

Friday May 16th @ 6:00 pm


If you plan to join us... let us know  :)

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Are coming to the Light Up Ohio Event?

Do you have some display pieces or related items that you no longer use in your display? Wondering what to do with them? Then bring those items along with you and join in on our Swap Meet! You just never know who might be interested in those items or what you might find!?!?


Click here for our Facebook page.


Click here for our LUO website page.

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RGB: Where Do You Start?


So you've probably watched videos with RGB elements and you're thinking about adding some to your display.  But where do you start? Maybe you've started researching them? Hours later your head is spinning.  Well at LUO, you can learn from someone in that very position a year ago.  Hear his story, learn from his research, his mistakes, and his experiences and advice.  This presentation will offer tips and thoughts about how to get started on the RGB technology.




May 17, 2014

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We’re looking forward to seeing you at Light Up Ohio 2014. A great day is taking shape!


Discussion topics include (10 am tentative start time):

1. RGB: Where Do You Start?

2. Using Hinkle’s Lighting Sequencer (HLS)

3. Save Money, Do It Yourself

4. Working with Coro & RGB technology

5. Love those Singing Faces

6. Live video presentation of XLights/Nutcracker by none other than the developer of Nutcracker, Mr. Sean Meighan. direct from the world headquarters in Colorado

7. Ongoing: “You Pick the Topic”, a fireside chat in the lounge


Check-in will begin around 9 am, that’ll provide you an opportunity to socialize with friends and check out the products from the gracious vendors that are supporting Light Up Ohio, they include:


The Meet ‘N Greet promises to be a fun time, details:

Friday, May 16 @ 6:00 pm

Smokey Bones Bar & Fire Grill

1481 Polaris Parkway

Columbus, Oh 43420

Please let us know if you’re attending the Meet ‘N Greet, we need a count for the reservation.


The venue, Spring Hill Lodge, Westerville, Ohio for Light Up Ohio is a beautiful lodge located with Sharon Woods Metro Park. However it is smaller than in the past, once capacity is reached, registration will have to be closed. Don’t delay, register today: www.lightupohio.com


Did you notice that the price to attend is only $30 for a full day of fellowship and education, $40 if you want a collectible T-shirt. 


Hope to see you at Light Up Ohio 2014, May 17th.
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Due to circumstances beyond our control, the "Save $ - Do It Yourself" presentation has been cancelled. As soon as we have another presentation lined up, we will get it posted. Our apology to everyone who was looking forward to the presentation!

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Are you still on the fence about attending Light Up Ohio? 

If you are planning on coming but have not registered yet, do keep in mind that if you want our "Collectible T-Shirt" you only have 3 weeks left - May 3rd 2014, to get your registration in!

You can still register after May 3rd, but it will be without the T-Shirt.



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Just in case you didn't notice, Light Up Ohio 2014 is exactly one month away from today! Are we getting excited yet!?!?!
Have you registered yet? Have you booked your hotel room (if needed)? 
If you're still undecided about attending our event, you might want to make a decision soon as it's limited seating and it is filling up fast & you don't want to miss out on the great event we have planned!!!

If you are attending Light Up Ohio next month and you want to get in on the Swap Meet, by all means bring your items along with you. Our Swap Meet will be going on all day long, during the LUO Event on May 17th! 

We are planning on having the White Elephant Gift Exchange at the Meet 'N Greet. If you would like to participate, bring a"wrapped" gift with you. It can be something bought or an item for your collection. If you purchase something, you can spend as much as you like, but the general rule of thumb is up to $20
Just an FYI...
In the event we have a large group of people at the Meet 'N Greet, we "may" have to move the gift exchange to one of the hotel lobbys where people are staying.  
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Christmas-LEDs.com is offering a 10% discount to LUO Attendees!  smile.png  smile.png  smile.png 

The website code for LUO is LUO2014 and that's all set up now. That will take the 10% off during the check out process. 

When customers get to the shipping options they should click on "Pick Up At Event". 

The last day to place an order will need to be May 11th to ensure that we can get whatever orders there are, packed up and on the way on Monday the 12th.

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Light Up Ohio is only 3 weeks away!!!

If you haven't registered yet, but you're planning to and you want our Collectible T-Shirt, you have one week left to get your registration in - May 3rd is the deadline!! 
You can still register after May 3rd, but the t-shirt won't be included!

If you're ordering any wireframes from Winkelbottoms, for pick-up at LUO - You only have 5 days left to get your order in, May 1st is the deadline.
And don't forget about the specials being offered by Christmas-LEDs.com and Wireframe D'Lites!!!

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