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I outlined my house with pixel strips in Visualizer and used the DMX commands to bring them into Superstar.  Is there a way to reorder the grid in Superstar? For example, the left & right part of a window are 5 rows away on the grid. Everything just seems to be scattered around.

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Yes, the "Import Visualization Pair" feature is designed to let you arrange your lights in rows and still view them as they really are. The following is from the Help file.

Import Visualization Pair

To use this feature, click on the "File" menu and select "Import Visualization Pair..."

Use the “Choose Row Visualization..” button and “Choose Real Visualization.. button to choose the visualization files you want to import. Then use the “Import Visualization Pair” button to import both of the files.

Purpose of having two visualizations:

Import Visualization Pair allows the import of a “Row Visualization” and a “Real Visualization.” If you already have a Visualization of your light display you probably laid the lights out to appear as they do in your actual display. Use this visualization as your “Real Visualization.” You can move the fixtures and props around to organize them in rows and then save that visualization with a different name and that becomes your “Row Visualization.” SuperStar will create the sequencing grid based upon how you have organized your “Row Visualization.” While entering normal effects the “Row Visualization” will be displayed on the SuperStar screen. During playback of the sequence the “Real Visualization” will be used. When entering visEffects the “Real Visualization” will be displayed.

Example of using two visualizations

This is a powerful feature that allows you to design how your lights are mapped to the sequencing grid. For example, in your “Real Visualization” you might have some Candy Cane Props where each Candy Cane has 12 channels and you have 4 Candy Canes in a row. By default SuperStar looks for rows of lights and will fit as many lights as it can in each row on the sequencing grid. But in this case it is desirable to have each Candy Cane on its own row so that you have 4 rows and each of the 4 rows has 12 squares for the 12 channels in each Candy Cane. Then it is easy to create effects that go up and down all the Candy Canes as well as effects that travel across the Candy Canes. So to accomplish this, you can move each of the 4 Candy Canes to their own row on the “Row Visualization” and still used the “Real Visuzlization” for playback and for entry of visEffects. In the samples folder there is a file named “CandyCanes_sample.sup.” Open and play this file and you will see how it uses two visualizations to arrange the Candy Canes in a way that makes them easy to sequence.

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Thanks for the reply Brian.  Not sure I understand all that, but I will go do some playing around and see if I can make it work.  Is there by chance a tutorial video on this somewhere?

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Sorry, no video tutorial on the "import visualization pair" feature specifically. Although, there is a tutorial on sequencing a visualization where I cover that you can move the items around in your visualization to form rows so that SuperStar will import them in rows the way you want. Go to the lightorama main page, click on "Support" then click on "Video tutorials", the SuperStar tutorials are at the bottom. The one on sequencing a visualization is at the very bottom.

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