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Sequencer Color not matching CCR Color


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Newbie. Just unpacked and hooked up my new toy last night. I figured out how to connect and play with my CCR via the Hardware Console and the S3 software.  


Issue: When using the Sequence Editor, if I picked full yellow or orange colors and then played it on the CCR the colors were completely off. Yellow was a pale blue and orange was a greenish yellow.  


If I use the Hardware Utility > Console, I can play with the sliders to get an acceptable yellow and orange. So I know that the CCR can produce these colors.


Question: Is there a way to fix the color mapping from the Sequence Editor to produce a better color match on the CCR?




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I believe this is covered in SuperStar as to the colors not matching on the strips when you program CCR's from the SE only. The programmer of SS however, takes this into account and corrects it. Suggest looking at the video tutorial for SS.

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I don't have a super star. Can I use the Super Star software, with my single ribbon, to do what you suggest?


I thought superstar was a separate controller. I see that it is just another software tool. I am learning to use it now. Thanks!


Sigh... Can't test out if the Super Star software balance/color mode option will fix my color mismatch issue - unable to export sequence using the demo mode. Not sure if I want to spend $50 for the software since I only have one CCR right now. 

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I wouldn't bother with Superstar.  The RGB color selector in S3 will never match the actual color of the light you're trying to produce.  What I would suggest is to create a test animation program that fades between different shades of the colors you want to use.  When you find the right "shade" of that color, pause the sequence and write down the mix of Red green and blue.  Additionally, yellow and orange are usually the most difficult shades of color to reproduce in RGB.

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