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Hi All,


I am new to LOR and would like some help with making a choice on a 16 ch kit





I can't work out the difference I am looking at having 5 controllers total.


Thanks for your help in advance.

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For most people the CTB16PC is good enough.  It lacks standalone (animation) capability and you have to set the unit IDs via a software utility instead of dials 9no big deal.  The KS has similar limitations. 


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I now have 8 of the CTB16PC kits, Watch that the Opto's (6 pin IC's) each side of the board is OPOSITE (Left vs. Right) ALSO, the main chip is "upsidedown) compared to the others.


JUST BE REAL CAREFUL WHEN INSTALLING IC'S you only get one chance, if installed wrong, you can count on it being blown the first time you plug the board in. ( I know there are exceptions, just double check.....)



READ the instructions. they go in a sequence FOR A REASON..........................



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