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2014 Song Title Sign


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After year 1 complete, was in the process of thinking about next year technology investments.


I dabbled with a few Beta Brite signs from Ebay. Bought 1 for the Bar downstairs to show highlights of sports scores, or anything else I wanted to say. 

I then thought about putting together a dynamic song update LED sign to show those that did not want to tune their radio to the 97.7 frequency the ability to know the lights were moving to music.


Along comes PHP, Apache, a little scripting magic, an ethernet to serial device, and beta brite sign.


using the CMD option on each sequence I pass the song title for my internal website viewing (building a voting app myself for 2014), and remote control. but using on the server side, incoporating passing the song to the BetaBrite.


I accomplished the code write over this past weekend while the weather dropped to 20 degrees from being in the mid 60's. Great light take down weather and garage packing / organizing weather.


I now have a system that will update my database, update my vote app, and also send the song title (as many times as I have to want to repeat the song) to my BetaBrite.


Not that I expect people to keep their systems running year round, but is this something any of you may be interested in. 


I can supply the BOM of items needed to achieve/replicate what I have done and the more users/testers the better right?




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