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Signature URL's not working

Al Saunders

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Hi everyone.


I have been trying to update my forum signature. I went to the Planet Christmas signature generator. Got it to do both my channel count and light count bars. Saved both the URL (www.---) and the actual pictures of the bars and I am having a heck of a time getting them into my profile. I'm on the page to enter them and every time I try to use the image tab and enter the URL and hit OK it just sits there not doing anything. I try and copy and paste the actual pictures and cannot get the option to paste them in the dialog box. I have saved them both as they were named and also saved as a naming I made them. I searched this forum and every match was at least a year old so I am wondering if something has changed, am I doing something wrong or is something not matching with my browser? Everything LOR is working fine, My laptop is running windows 7 and not sure which version of explorer other than it looks like it's from 2008. I'd appreciate any help.




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I am no expert on this, but it seems that when using Internet explorer 11, things are not working right.  I have to use another computer (one that didn't do the automatic update to 11) to get the pasting to work correctly.  Very annoying.

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