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Intelligent RGB Strip... "High Quality Optional"


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"High Quality Optional" WTH?




Scroll down about to the middle.


"High Quality Optional" Makes me wanna get a loan and buy 'em out! ;)


Maybe something was lost in translation?


Just thought somebody besides me needed a chuckle.




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reliable quality {default}

high quality +$17.95


High quality HAS always cost more Max-Paul.    A prime example, anyone remember the old Ford Pinto cars, then they came out with a "luxury model", but the difference was it was a "Mercury" version.  Gad I want to say "Bobcat", but not sure that's right.   Anyway, the Pinto was the "reliable quality" version and the Mercury was the "High Quality" version of the SAME EXACT car, there were in some only minor differences, and others the only difference was the name slapped on the outside of the car.   Pinto sold for about $2,000 less than the Mercury version.


So this is absolutely nothing new, car manufacturers have been doing this for a very long time.

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