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First year setup questions


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Ok, I am glad this says NEWBIE because I need help..  We own a small Haunted House in Kansas and we want to do a show that will be running in late august.  I need to know everything, First of all Let me say we are on a budget and I will give you a brief layout idea and hopefully someone can give me an idea


What I would like to see is the outline of the building 25 wide 30 foot tall, Haunted Heights with lights at the top, three colors that outline the building and windows, spotlights 3 on each side and two talking faces. and stuff in the two display windows and entrance way.


So how many channels?

can I use colored ropelight for the 3 colors? seams cheaper 

what would be the best controllers and software


Any help would be great and appreciated 


Haunted Heights

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I'd start here  Look what others have done to get some ideas and post in those threads to ask more pointed questions.  Also upload a pic or two to photobucket and link them here so that we can better offer help.  BTW, welcome aboard!

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I see my my earlier post may appear a bit rude... Sorry.


I am in Wichita Ks. I do a Halloween show as well and will be glad to help in any way.









That would be fantastic.....  as far as a budget.... of course I dont wanna go broke but I will buy what ever I need to make this cool.  We are in Hoisington Kansas about 2 hours from you.  www.hauntedheights.net   I have watched a lot on you tube and I have read alot so far so I kinda have an idea on what I want to do.  Just getting started so I am hoping to get some help as far as the best way to go without making any costly mistakes,


I would be glad to talk to you about it if you have time and I would appreciate any help.




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