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Help with the E6804 - how to set unit number


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By all signs I can see, my E6804 is broadcasting and is recognized by the listener.


My questions:

When creating a fixture in the visualizer, I need to assign it to the 6804.  How is this done?

Do I need to assign a unit ID number to the 6804?  How is this done?

Do I need a separate ID number for each of the 4 ports on the 6804?


Thanks in advance!


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OK, I think I answered my own questions by reading the forums.

Looks like I need to go into the prop properties and using the comments field state universe and node number for working within superstar.


Does that sound right?  Or is there another way to do this?




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You can do this but won't be able to use that visualization. If you drew CCRs in the vis, and used DMX keywords, that .lee file will not work for playback. Now, if you drew non-CCR pixels in the visualizer, run the channel wizard on each prop.


Channel Wizard, in the pop-up windows select the following


RGB-->New-->default-->DMX Universe-->Auto select next Universe-->Universe # (insert yours here)-->Address (insert yours here)-->OK


Do the same for all your RGB Pixels and you should be good to go.

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Hi Ron,


Thanks for stepping to help.


I don't get any of those options when I run the channel wizard, so clearly I'm off.

I run the channel wizrd on a prop I created with the CCR draw wizard in Visualizer.  Then I select that prop and get the pop-up window with the tabs"1. General  2. Fixture Properties 3. Wizards

when I choose the Wizards, I don;t get the RGB or New buttons you spoke of in your message.


Where did I steer wrong?


Thanks for helping a newbie.



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OK, re-read the message, and figured it out.  I needed to start with a normal string, and run the channel wizard on it.  I gotta stop reading too fast for my brain to comprehend.


thanks again

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