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24x50 Matrix Logistics


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I would like to create a 24x50 matrix using superstar.


However I'm not using CCR's, I am using generic WS2811 strips (50 pixels long)

I was able to successfully create a quick visualization of the matrix, however it's based on CCRs.  So when I export it into the sequencer, I would have to have 24 CCRs and then copy the data over the DMX channels that they really exist on.


Is there anyway I can avoid this additional step?

Also is there anyway to get around the 1024 fixture limitation on the visualizer in S3?   I tried to make a 24x50 matrix and got stuck after 20 of the strips were completed.




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Read this. Since you already have the CCR Vis, use it fir the visualizer file. Once the DMX keywords are put in, if my understanding is correct, that vis file can't be used. However, when you export the sequence using the DMX Keywords, it will export DMX channels instead of CCR channels.

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