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Light-O-Rama version 3.11.2 released as an open beta


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We have just released version 3.11.2 of the Light-O-Rama software suite as an open beta.


Before getting into how you can download the new version and what's new in it, here is some information about what we mean by "open beta":


What is beta software? Beta software is code that has been tested by the programmers who have written it and has received some internal testing by other members of the company.  The software is stable enough to be tested by a rather large group, but it is not software that is ready for general released.


Why an open beta? Over the last few months, we have received dozens of requests from people to join the beta testing group.  In the past, we have kept that group closed, and have always had a backlog of people wanting to take part.  To make management of the beta group simpler, we are going to open the beta to everyone.


Who should use beta software? Beta testing is not for everyone.  By nature, beta software will have more problems in it than generally released software.  Testing beta software allows a user to find out if an enhancement does what they need, and if not, provide suggestions on how to fix or improve the software.  Do NOT use the beta software if you are not ready to uncover bugs/problems with it.  People who volunteer to test beta software must report problems, but please do not complain that there are problems - problems are expected! When testing beta software, please make sure to save often so that if something crashes, you'll minimize your loss.


How can I report issues, make suggestions, or ask questions about the beta? There is a set of forums for the open beta, where you can report bugs or give other feedback, here:




Does my license cover this release? Please note that your license may or may not cover this version. To check, please go to the license retrieval page, and enter your email address (the one you purchased your license with).  An email should then be sent to you with information about your license. The "Summary" section will tell you whether or not your license covers the latest version of software. If it does not, you can either continue using the version that you currently use, or consider purchasing a license renewal in order to start using this new version.


What's new in this version? First, this version is on top of beta version 3.11.0, so if you haven't already seen what's new in 3.11.0, you can check that out here.  In addition to those changes from 3.11.0, this version contains the following changes (for more details on these changes, please see the help file's What's New page):

  • Changes to Edit menu shortcut keys in the Sequence Editor
  • Verifier checks for Old MC-P Compatibilty
  • Optional speed improvements for saving in the Sequence Editor
  • Manual creation of compressed sequences
  • Bug fix: The LOR Verifier would incorrectly report that three files (AdjMmsEng.dll, amp3dj.ocx, and Asoedmms.ocx) had unexpected version numbers.
  • Bug fix: SuperStar's Play 8 Seconds and Play All buttons were not staying depressed when used in visualization mode, and the other buttons were not being grayed out.
  • Bug fix: SuperStar's Configuration dialog box will now give a message if the range of unit IDs for a network is invalid.
  • Bug fix: In SuperStar, if the row visualization had a fixture that was not in the real visualization, it sometimes would not get reported as a warning.
  • Bug fix: If you modified a morph in SuperStar and then played a part of the sequence, the start and end coordinates of the morph would get set to -1 after stopping play of the sequence.
  • Bug fix: SuperStar might have crashed if you put a smooth effect in the right half of a visualization that was in wrap around mode.
  • Bug fix: SuperStar might have crashed when playing a shockwave effect using a visualization in wrap around mode, especially if the shockwave had a large leading or trailing edge.
  • Bug fix: Various Light-O-Rama programs used to depend upon the Microsoft library "SCRRUN.DLL".  If this library was missing or misconfigured, various strange problems would occur.  An example is that keyboard maps would not function in the Sequence Editor.  In recent times, this library seems to be missing or misconfigured more and more frequently on customers' computers, and so Light-O-Rama no longer depends upon this library.
  • Bug fix: SuperStar now checks in the Configuration dialog box to make sure that entries for the star unit ID, first CCR unit ID, and the ranges of the networks are all valid.
  • Bug fix: If Windows had been running for about 25 days or more without having been shut down, the Hardware Utility would sometimes not be able to write the time to an SD card.

How do I get this new version? The new version can be downloaded from:




Or from our alternate download location:




Thanks for your help!

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