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Connecting multiple LOR - CAT5


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OK - I used the search but I guess I don't know how to word it properly.


If you have multiple LOR how do you connect the devices?

Say I have one in the garage, six in the front yard and one in the side yard.

Is there a way to connect them without using a series?

Something like one wire to the side yard and one wire to the front?


Or is the only way, garage to the front yard then a wire over to the side yard since we only have two RJ45 to work with?

I know LOR doesn't use networking, per say. Could I throw a dumb hub in the mix? Or a network switch?

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If you had the Booster type network adapter it has dual ports and can have each leg go in different directions. Or you can use a repeater. It's design to regenerate the signal for long distances, but also splits or "Y" the signal.





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I was looking at RS485 Network Repeater last night but could not get any of the pages to load from the Accessories page.

Now that I can get to the description, it looks like exactly what I need.

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